I just wanted to include a little history here. This is the day I found out about Epic Meal Time. November 18th, 2010. I saw a link to EMT 004 Massive Meat Log on a blog called CrucialBrutal.

They posted the link a few days after the video was published. Wish I had been watching since it started, but I joined in about a month afterward.

-Crust Smasher, the Pizza Spirit Animal

EMT 014 The Sloppy Roethlisberger

Original Air Date: 2/1/11
Characters: Harley, Alex, Josh, Dave, Tyler
Runtime: 3:18
Calories: 138,226
Fat: 8,452g
Next Time they eat: Cabbage Patch Kids

Another holiday is tackled by EMT. This time the Super Bowl. Alex is referred to as  Muscles Glasses for the first time in this, episode 14. This episode focuses heavily on the cooking portion as they yet again build a larger-than-life meal with cooked components. It also seems to be a team effort to prepare the meal.

The cooking is a combination of home-movie style footage montage and Harley’s emerging voice-over work. Finally, this episode is the first to include an outtake after the end title card, that being of Harley accidentally breaking a bottle of Jack Daniels.

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-Crust Smasher, the Pizza Spirit Animal

ROSMT 04 Chop Chop Carnage Stew

Original Air Date: 1/27/11
Runtime: 2:47


Chop Chop Carnage Stew came with a new intro, still not their standard. And more interesting camera angles and concepts. This episode is mostly in Swedish and definitely has the Swedish Style feel with using snow from outdoors to create a pot of boiling water.

Another Swedish cooking method we see here is throwing uncut food at a stationary knife. Meanwhile punching the butter onto a hot skillet has become pretty standard to them. The concept of being gentle with some things in the kitchen is a welcome addition. It is stated that one has to be gentle with moose meat just like one has to be gentle with Swedish ladies.

While it is assumed that throwing eggs at a pan is just a bit and the eggs are properly cooked without the shells for the final meal, Niklas confesses to making an error with the potatoes and chalks it up to “being regular.”

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-Crust Smasher, the Pizza Spirit Animal

EMT 013.5 “Epic Mealtime Showdown of AWESOME”

Original Air Date: 1/24/11
Characters: Harley, Josh, Alex, Dave, Tyler
Runtime: 4:36
Calories: 12,593
Fat: 520g
Next Time they eat: Vsauce

This was interesting. Taking the same time slot as a typical EMT video, The Key of Awesome (then BarelyPolitical) hosted a Super Bowl episode that would be followed by EMT Ep. 14, also a Super Bowl episode. It should be pointed out that the group is referred to as “Epic Mealtime” rather than their standard 3-word title.

After 1:45 worth of setup between the EMT team and the BP team, the regular EMT title card enters us into a mostly traditional episode. Tyler is also set up to be the disobedient imbecile character which he would play for the rest of his days on EMT. The crew makes a pastrami sandwich featuring many NYC-centric ingredients and their cooking is inter-spliced with interactions between the two groups of YouTubers.

Many elements of this sandwich, including the whole sandwich itself, are deep fried. Perhaps this was required just to drive the schtick home on another channel. All in all, it was definitely an Epic Meal Time episode and it would not surprise me if Harley edited the EMT portion of it and BarelyPolitical added the EMT portion into an overall video sequence.

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-Crust Smasher, the Pizza Spirit Animal

ROSMT 03 Sidepork Pandemonium

Original Air Date: 1/20/11
Runtime: 3:28


Their third episode would introduce the shopping trip which Epic Meal Time had been utilizing off and on since their first episode. This episode starts in a grocery store and capitalizes on the Pre-Dinner Snack when Niklas fills a cart with nothing but mayonnaise and ketchup. It also introduces their ROSMT Seal of Approval and the declaration of “Approved.”

A new “Swedish Style” cooking method of using your own foot to butter a cooking sheet was introduced as well as the previously seen usage of one’s own head. A moment of appreciation for bacon is held, but other than the application of butter, everything else is typical to what he have been seeing on ROSMT.

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-Crust Smasher, the Pizza Spirit Animal

EMT 013 Meat Salad

Original Air Date: 1/18/11
Characters: Harley, Josh, Alex, Dave, Tyler
Runtime: 2:03
Calories: 28,031
Fat: 2,096g
Next Time they eat: Sports

There’s definitely not much actual cooking in this episode. Shawn appears to be gone at this point, and judging by Josh’s hand and wrist attire, I can not tell that Josh has been part of the cooking portion of the last few episodes. Epic Eggroll may have been Shawn’s last episode, and it may also have been filmed out of order with the previous episode which did not appear to feature Shawn. Much like a salad is just a bunch of raw vegetables mixed together, the Meat Salad is a bunch of cooked meats mixed together.

Each standard salad ingredient is replaced with a meat alternative to form a giant pile of meats. There is minimal footage of the actual cooking of the meats, but there is definitely more to this meal than just an assemblage.

Harley’s line from the beginning on the episode, “Fuck Salad,” would also become a t-shirt design in their store. This being their 13th episode, I am starting to wonder when the regular characters on EMT are going to be given their nicknames. I was assuming they were called by their nicknames in the episodes themselves, but now I am starting to wonder if they were only ever addressed on social media and other places outside of the episodes. I know Alex will soon be referred to as Muscles Glasses in an episode, but I will be on the lookout for other characters NOT being named on screen.


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ROSMT 02 Meatball Massacre

Original Air Date: 1/13/11
Runtime: 3:18

During the ingredient roughhousing at the beginning of the video, we are introduced to the concept of the “Pre-dinner Snack.” This would eventually become simply pre-dinner mayonnaise, but in the beginning, it included ketchup and other ingredients. During the cooking process, ROSMT would stop and enjoy Pre-dinner Mayonnaise because it is “Good For You.” You could say that their connection with their fans steered closer and closer to a mutual interest in eating mayonnaise straight as time went on.

ROSMT was introducing concepts so quickly it was hard to keep up. Playing off the fact that they were “regular” and “ordinary,” Niklas stops to tell you that you could add additional ingredients at one point, but refrains from this implementation in their own video BECAUSE they are “regular.” Eating raw meat, sticking his finger in the boiling water to see if it is boiling, referencing This is Spinal Tap any time an oven or stove dial is turned to a number setting, and using fists to mix foods are all thrown at you in such a barrage that a viewer could not help but be captivated by this response to Epic Meal Time.

In the end, it is just Swedish meatballs, but the path they take to arrive there is incredibly unique and entertaining.

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-Crust Smasher, the Pizza Spirit Animal

EMT 012 Chili Four Loko

Original Air Date: 1/11/11
Characters: Harley, Alex, Dave
Runtime: 3:32
Calories: 46,255
Fat: 3,178g
Next Time they eat: *snorted snot*

Chili Four Loko presented a lot of changes for EMT. They returned to their increased focus on alcohol, opting for something trendy at the time like Four Loko. Shawn the chef did not appear in this episode though there was a good amount of cooking. And Alex would start to be their main consumer in a increasingly familiar kitchen setting.

The introduction is a back and forth between Harley introducing the ingredients in the kitchen and Harley collecting ingredients at the grocery store. This episode utilizes the Bacon Weave in the from of a cup which temporarily holds liquid before the eating portion. Harley brings a level of professionalism to this episode in the form of filling his shopping cart with most if not all of the bacon from the grocery store. When it comes to entertainment, the more you can give the viewer an experience that they could not themselves create, the better. While most of their meals so far have been above and beyond the capabilities of the lay person, I feel that filling a shopping cart with all of the bacon from the grocery store elevated them to a higher level above the abilities of their viewers. Whether they purchased it or not, intending to buy that much bacon set them apart from anyone who would try to imitate.

During the eating portion, Alex arrives at the decision that the Chili tastes like “Crazy Alcohol Rainbow Pig.” This would become another one of their t-shirt designs.


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-Crust Smasher, the Pizza Spirit Animal

ROSMT 01 Spaghetti Explosion

Original Air Date: 1/6/11
Runtime: 2:20

From time to time I will add in other videos to this review blog. Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, or Swedish Meal Time for short, was the leading parody/homage video series to be created from the concept of Epic Meal Time. There were many, many parodies of Epic Meal Time which published to YouTube during the first few months of their career, but Swedish Meal Time would be the only one which stuck to a consistent schedule and goal for a length of time. They still produce a few videos today, but even with close to a million subscribers on YouTube, Swedish Meal Time was never interested in following the EMT path for the long haul.

I remember being just as excited if not more excited for Swedish Meal Time episodes to air than I was for Epic Meal Time episodes. The concept, which later would be fully explained in their Macho Salad video, was essentially the barbaric preparation and consumption of standard world dishes as well as Scandinavian dishes played off as typical behavior one would expect to see in a Swedish home kitchen, all fitted into the standard Epic Meal Time sequencing.

ROSMT would develop their own standards, their own unique characters, and even include some celebrity cameos. Their first episode, Spaghetti Explosion was sort of a proof of concept for them. Shot quickly, dimly, and without any of the standards they would later include, it was more EMT than any of their succeeding videos. It wouldn’t be long before Epic Meal Time referenced ROSMT in their video and ROSMT directly referenced EMT in theirs.

Standards of throwing food, ruining more than they used for the eventual mean, and chopping vegetables dangerously were all introduced into the EMT sequence of; introduce ingredients, cook meal, eat meal, and make a Next Time promise in this first episode.

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-Crust Smasher, the Pizza Spirit Animal

EMT 011 Epic Eggroll

Original Air Date: 1/4/11
Characters: Harley, Shawn, Dave
Runtime: 2:20
Calories: 6,378
Fat: 176g
Next Time they eat: Snitches

This is another first for Epic Meal Time. This is the first time they went abroad to create their meal. They will use many different home kitchens over the course of their career, but they also visit a number of professional kitchens for any number of reasons. In this episode, they create a giant eggroll in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant.

Ah yes, Shawn and his telltale bracelet are back. He must have been unavailable the previous week. Many of the components of this meal are produced by the chefs of the Chinese Restaurant themselves. Once presented as finished dishes, Shawn combines them into a giant eggroll. The episode is finished with Dave eating a giant fortune cookie which appears after he finishes the main mean. I wonder if that was just something they purchased or if they actually created it. I believe it is the latter.

I also have to say that Dave looks so young and thin in this video. This is one of his first times eating the meal on camera, and well before his tiring “fork and knife” approach that he would later adopt.

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-Crust Smasher, the Pizza Spirit Animal